The Analogue Box Affords a Place to Subtly and Playfully Hide Possessions

 - Nov 29, 2011
References: mrdeanbrown & muuuz
In no way should the Analogue Box be treated like a vault, because, as one can plainly see, the prospect of removing and replacing pieces from the cover of the cabinet easily lends itself as a delightful activity. Dean Brown designed the object with the intent that the knickknacks placed within should be prized by the owner, but it may be best that such items should chosen for their lack of value to anyone other than the possessor.

In Tetris and Block fashion, the rectangular aperture of the cubbyhole can be closed up using the colorful wooden bricks, arranged to fit precisely together. A small LED light designed by David Penuela has been placed within the Analogue Box which emits a glow through the gaps and suggests the significance of the articles inside.