Tetris Taps and More

 - Nov 17, 2008
References: ritmonio.it & trendir
Everything old is new again. The evolution of some of the most popular video games of the past are not only making a comeback in popularity in the form of the games themselves, but their iconic design elements are crossing over into the everyday world, and not just in the pop culture sense, such as T-shirts, gadgets and gizmos. 

Although Tetris trends have been noted previously, this particularly beautifully rendered faucet from Italian firm Ritmonio takes it to a sleek and contemporary level. The faucet is part of Ritmonio’s Tetris line of kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

K-Swiss, always perceived as the white bread, plain Jane of sneakers, has released a limited edition series of Julia Hederus’ designs, whose flaps are reminiscent of Tetris’ shapes.