From Oceanic Predator Ice Molds to Sci-Fi Ice Cubes

 - Nov 23, 2013
Ice is a great way to chill drinks during those hot, summer days, and these quirky ice cube molds are here to offer some humorously eccentric ways to chill your beverages.

While ice cubes are traditionally formed to resemble simple cubes, modern retailers have been utilizing all kinds of abstract shapes and pop culture inspirations as a way to draw in a much more modern and youthful consumer. Featuring ice cube molds that are comically shaped like such things as sharks, Sci-Fi characters, superheroes and sports equipment, these quirky ice cube molds will definitely make cooling a beverage much more entertaining.

From chocolate-shaped ice cubes to those that resemble zombies and sea creatures, these quirky ice cube molds will definitely make your friends and family laugh the moment they take a sip from their cold drink.