The Cirrus Press Serves Up the Clever Tricks of Cocktail Bars at Home

 - Jan 23, 2013
References: cirrusproducts & yankodesign
If you'd really like to impress your guests with the fancy beverages you can make from your own home bar, don't go putting regular rectangular ice cubes into your Scotch on the rocks. The Cirrus Press is a drink-making must-have that produces blocks of ice that are comparable to those served in your more upscale bars.

The matte black cylinder is quite compact and can be easily stored in the cupboard with your glasses and tumblers. With its sleek and clean look, it can also be left out on the counter to impress your patrons.

With frozen water inside, the canister compresses frozen ice into spheres of 2.75-inch diameters. You can removed these with tongs from the Cirrus Press and expect an immediate cooling of your cocktail with a slow dilution, thanks to the low minimal surface area of a sphere.