The Octopus Ice Tray is Great for Themed Summer Parties

 - Nov 8, 2012
References: incrediblethings
The COOLamari octopus ice tray seems to be a pun on calamari, despite the fact that they're shaped like an octopus. In any case, this adorable ice cube maker will definitely drown in all your lovely beverages.

It is unfortunate that this octopus ice tray can only make four at once, but gauging the size of the cube, one octopus is equivalent to two standard ice cubes. Great for summer backyard or barbecue parties, these frosty cubes are perfect for children as well as adults. While it is fun to watch as the adorable octopi dissolve in your drinks, the sheer amount of liquid in these massive octopi may dilute the chilled beverages faster than you think.

Image Credits: Amazon