Fred Friends Chill Pill Silicone Ice Tray is Bound to Simmer You Down

 - May 24, 2012
References: amazon & boredpanda
Fred Friends 'Chill Pill Silicone Ice Tray' will allow you to serve up some frozen pills. I'm sure you've probably found yourself telling someone to "take a chill pill," because they were just getting on your nerves, well with this tray, you can take your snarky comment a step further with a literal ice cube shaped like a pill.

These ice cubes literally do what they say: they chill you down. The comical idea behind these ice trays, is a fun way to add some humor to your next get together with friends and family.

Ice trays are found in so many different shapes and sizes, but the Fred Friends Chill Pill Silicone Ice Tray is definitely in its own category. Whether you need to simmer down or want someone else to, these chill pills will do the trick.