- Apr 4, 2014
These examples of vodka branding demonstrate that the possibilities are endless when it comes to ways to lure in consumers with distinct packaging. From labels that look like potential bombs to vodka titles encouraging people to drink away their sorrows, vodka packaging continues to push the boundaries of marketing.

The Misery Vodka packaging, for example, makes the most of the fact that it really isn't that high quality. The design simply features the words Misery Vodka on the front, scrawled in big black letters. While many would think this isn't the best way to sell your brand, many consumers will appreciate the honesty and slight humor thrown into this branding concept.

Whatever your drink of choice, these vodka branding concepts will give people a bit of a chuckle, and may even convert rum-lovers to this tantalizing spirit.

From Alcoholic Bomb Branding to Intergalactic Booze Labels: