The Grim Imagery of God Send Vodka Ups the Badass Factor for Booze

 - Jun 11, 2011
References: tacnstudio &
One of my favorite designs on an alcohol bottle is that of God Send Vodka, which is subtle and attractive at the same time.

The God Send Vodka is a collaborative effort between the Vancouver-based TACN Studio and artist Jonny Doomsday. The bottle has a refreshing crisp clean design and avoids adhesive labels in favor of a natural look. The image depicts a skeletal angel -- well, archangel, I suppose -- holding the body of a woman as it descends down onto what I'd assume is Earth. The black-and-white imagery is simple, effective and reflects the name of the alcohol perfectly.

With a name like God Send Vodka, I'm assuming that it tastes amazing. If the image is reflective of the booze itself, however, it could mean a long night of regrets followed by a bad hangover.