Oola Vodka Takes the Scientific Approach to Bottling Its Beverages

 - Mar 15, 2013
References: ooladistillery & coolhunting
The bottles it uses might be a little bit misleading, but Oola vodka is indeed a brand of liquor and not a science experiment. The flavored vodka brand utilizes sophisticated beakers to package it's alluring distilled beverage that help to entice the eye.

Oola vodka comes in two flavors that might seem a little bit odd, but are nonetheless absolutely refreshing for a libation. First, there's citrus, which is relatively standard, but then there are pepper and rosemary; the savory notes of these spices will help to broaden a drinker's palate with clean notes of deliciousness.

While the product itself is solid, it's the branding of Oola vodka that is really getting attention. Featuring scientific scribblings on the side and shaped like a bottle out of the lab, Oola vodka is a cutting-edge way of looking at liquor.