The IceOrb Freezes Ice Cubes Vertically for Versatility in Use

 - May 10, 2013
References: fusionbrands
A few clever perks come along with the IceOrb that you certainly can't expect from the typical ice cube tray. This practical product promises spill-free freezing, a high capacity and the ability to keep drinks and edibles chilly.

This is accomplished thanks to a double-walled design. The interior of the IceOrb is a fairly basic plastic container of a flaring cylindrical shape; meanwhile, the outer layer is defined by rows and rows of domed protrusions. The two can be twist-locked together to seal the space in between.

To make some ice cubes, fill the external compartment almost halfway up then screw in the inner one. This will cause the water to rise and fill the pockets. Now use the empty middle of the IceOrb to store complete ice cubes, or chill beverages or snacks within it.