- Aug 18, 2013
Today, you can find baking molds designed to replicate the shapes of all sorts of things. From movie characters, objects and even famous places, cake pans and molds alike have revolutionized the way we enjoy our food. With the help of baking molds, dessert enthusiasts can enjoy baking all of their favorite treats in the shapes of some pretty unusual things.

In a world where foodies are given countless various of similar dishes, the presentation of a food item can really make all the difference in how a consumer interacts and enjoys their meal. With quirky baking molds, a dessert experience becomes more customized depending on the baker's interests and likes. From molds shaped like smartphones to famous sci-fi character pans, confectionery treats can be shaped into whatever your sugar-craving heart desires with these clever baking molds.

From Sci-Fi Dessert Molds to Gadget Pastry Shapers: