The Ribbon Baking Sheet Lets You Sculpt Your Dessert into Any Shape

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: quirky
Icing and candy don't need to be the only means to embellish the look of your sweet culinary masterpiece. The Quirky Ribbon Baking Mold allows you to play with the shape of your delicious dessert so that its very form can express some reference to the occasion. It can construct a convincing heart for a Valentine's Day cake, for instance.

The thick silicone band is impressively flexible and embedded with magnets so that it can stick to the Teflon baking tray however you warp it. When its two blunt ends are overlapped or met, the pliable strip encloses the space to effectively contain liquid batter. Once your your brownies are ready, the Ribbon Baking Mold can be effortlessly pulled away and easily washed clean.