The Hard Boiled Egg Molds Can Lure Kids to Trying New Foods

 - Nov 8, 2012
References: weirdasianews
The hard-boiled egg molds make it easier to convince a child to eat something they absolutely despise.

Though designer for eggs, the hard-boiled egg molds can be used for almost anything that requires boiling or steaming. Available in cute bunnies and bears, the pieces call for you to simply pour in the contents you desire, or crack the egg inside the mold, seal and gently place into the boiling water bath. The adorable forest creatures will make kids curious as to what’s inside and they may even give them a try, which is better than forcibly feeding them. For other things like batter that expand hen cooked, be careful of loading the mold too full or it may explode inside the pot.

Image Credits: Amazon