The Layer Up Baking Tray Prepares a Perfect Pair for a Flawless Dessert

 - May 3, 2013
References: quirky
When most people make layered cakes, they have to use at least two separate, circular baking pans. The Layer Up Cake Pan provides you with two dishes in one, ensuring that both scrumptious sections come out identical.

At just over 48 centimeters in length, the baking sheet features a pair of basins with 8-inch diameters. These compartments are separate at the bottom, but join together towards the top. What this does is ensure that the two portions maintain perfect round contours; however, they connect just enough so that the batter evens out between them on either side. Once the baking has been completed, you can cut them apart and round them off with a knife. The Quirky-made Layer Up Cake Pan guarantees that both halves will have cooked evenly and that they'll fit one atop the other perfectly.