The Paper-Craft Sugar Posy Cake Features Paper-Like Decor

Just looking at the Paper-Craft Sugar Posy Cake will make your mouth water and your mind think. You may be wondering if the paper-like decor featured on this cake blog, Paper*Cakes Finds, are edible. The answer is yes!

The preciously pink cake is entirely edible and totally gorgeous! Each of the papery creations attached to the Paper-Craft Sugar Posy Cake are made from gum paste, which is relatively easy to mold.

The pink, blue, brown, white color combination is absolutely adorable and helps to highlight the cute-as-a-button (literally) designs. Although this particular cake is ultra girlie, the same techniques used to make the Paper-Craft Sugar Posy Cake could easily be used to create a more masculine cake for a birthday party or baby shower. This cake could easily be the focal point of any party!