From Retro Gamer Furnishings to Tetris-Inspired Seating

 - Oct 25, 2013
These terrific Tetris furnishings are perfect for any hardcore gamer fan looking to infuse some nostalgic gamer references into their home.

Tetris is a very addictive puzzle game that requires the player to quickly stack different geometric shapes on top of one another to form a solid shape. While the concept may seem quite simple, the game requires a lot of speed and accuracy, making this game challenging yet enjoyable to play. And these Tetris furnishings are allowing dedicated gamer fans the opportunity to pay tribute to this iconic game by outfitting their interior decor with items shaped like the iconic puzzle pieces in the game.

From colorfully eccentric Tetris sofa designs to vintage gamer fireplaces, these retro Tetris furnishings will surely add a geeky retro touch to any home.