The Armrests of the Tetris Sofa by Marcin Wielgosz Can Be Rearranged

 - Dec 6, 2012
Given that a chesterfield might be used for sitting, reclining or lying down, shouldn't more be designed as the Tetris Sofa by Marcin Wielgosz was? This unusually adaptable seating system lets the user choose what to do with the armrests, where to position them or whether to have any at all.

The smoothly sculpted form of the plushy modern couch incorporates a set of supportive metal brackets beneath the backrest of the seats. This gap fits the removable cushions along the bottom of the piece of furniture, as if it was from there that the soft segments were initially taken. Designed so that they can be slotted into the deep seams in the divan, the bolsters can be positioned anywhere along the length of the Tetris Sofa by Marcin Wielgosz.