Galleria by PearsonLloyd is Likened to a Collage

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: & fastcodesign
Galleria by PearsonLloyd is a mix-and-match modular seating system that will add a nice touch of sophistication and cheerfulness to a space. The latter, of course, is entirely dependent on the color choice of the cushions. In this case, the bright yellow is happily contagious. Accented with light wood and marble, the piece is perfect for the summer season.

Nevertheless, is the the Tetris-like function of Galleria by PearsonLloyd that will win people over. Each unit starts with a steel spine that can be arranged in any way to fit into a living space. From there upholstered rectangles and cylinders, leather cushions as well as metal and marble tables are at people's disposal to place as they please. Tom Lloyd, co-founder of the London-based studio, likens the seating system to a collage.