The Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk Pulls Out into an Additional Lounge Setup

 - Oct 9, 2012
The Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk initially appears to be a compellingly composed chesterfield, complete with an unconventional but convenient side table in its middle. This inventive setup is sure to improve the experience of sitting and snacking with a friend or relative, but what happens if you wish to sprawl out?

A podium-shaped bent plywood frame can be slid out of the eccentric pullout couch to expose an uninterrupted surface of three softly cushioned seats. Once a console, this timber insert can instantly become a coffee table when completely removed, and it can even offer a pair of additional plushy perches on either side. Alternatively, with the Slot Sofa by Matthew Pauk kept otherwise assembled, any of the bolsters can be drawn out and used as footrests and ottomans.