The Ordos Museum by MAD Architects is a Spectacle On the Outside as Well

 - Jul 17, 2012
References: i-mad & iwan
The Ordos Museum by MAD architects is as much a piece of art on the outside as it houses on the inside. The orbicular structure is situated on hill in Ordos, China, looking more like an alien space craft than an art institution.

At first and from far away, the bean structure looks like Cloud Gate in Chicago, however as you near it turns out to be much larger. Captured by Iwan Baan, the building's bumpy and un-streamlined exterior is detailed, with its brick-like pattern showing. The impressive interior, who's neutral palette contrasts the darker exterior, is an eclectic mix of spaces. Many rooms are wide, have tall ceilings and are quite bare. Others seem like the inside of a cellular organism, with staircases puncturing white walls, as if it were connection of arteries amongst a network of neurons or fat.

The urban center is a architectural masterpiece, sitting upon its perch in the still desert.