Ichneumonid Faces Structural Infestations of Parasitic Forms

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: scherabon & suckerpunchdaily
Many architecture critics have made the comparison between renovations and parasites, but few projects have explored this idea with as much of a biologically inspired angle as Ichneumonid does. It isn't clear what the function of the building is, but the existing structure on which the alienesque form feeds is a Third Reich era silo in Vienna, Austria.

A species of wasp is translated into architectural form, infesting the original edifice and laying its metaphorical eggs inside. Ichneumonid is further defined be the hatching and pupating of this next generation of invasive organism, causing abstract protrusions all around the old four-walled barn. Herwig Scherabon's addition asserts itself as an obvious infiltrator, characterized by curious serpentine forms and odd organic outgrowths.