The Eco-Wine Cube has Tendrils that Amass Natural Energy

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: michaeljantzen & ecofriend
I appreciate wacky abstract architecture so long as its formal features serve some function, and the Eco-Wine Cube is an example of a strange structure that solves a number of challenges in a truly unique way.

Michael Jantzen designed this building to house an exclusive wine bar and club. Based around sustainability, the materials, construction and continued practices of the interior would all be environmentally friendly -- which is partly where the serpentine appendages come in.

The chalky hexahedron is given an alien appearance with a cluster of green gorgon-esque protuberances. Each has a very distinctive and specific function, ranging from rainwater collection to reflective natural lighting and energy harvesting with solar panels. The Eco-Wine Cube concept will even likely serve only alcoholic drinks made from the most responsibly grown grapes.