Primal Parts by Kyd Kitchaiya Explores the Biology of Building

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: kydkit & suckerpunchdaily
It's a little unsettling to view this project called Primal Parts by Kyd Kitchaiya. Would it surprise you to learn that the designer's family are pig butchers? Probably not. But what is so admirable about this concept is its profoundly peculiar formal inspiration that unites the structures of a living body with the construction of a building.

The fibrous textures and organic masses of this bizarre high-end retail store were conceived through research and imagination. The corporeal components were then cut and pulled apart to suit the program of the interior. Bits of bone, muscles and veins appear like aberrant sculptures within the oddly-shaped interior spaces, signifying an "intensive exchange between architecture and product." And for a remarkably dramatic effect, Primal Parts by Kyd Kitchaiya has been rendered in bio-mechanical drawing, x-rays and 18th century anatomical illustrations.