Roberto Sanchez Rivera Built His Own Livable 'Spaceship'

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: nytimes & mymodernmet
There are unique and strange homes and then there is Roberto Sanchez Rivera's home. The retired industrial arts teacher bought land back in 2002 for $95,000 and since then has built a spectacular spaceship of a house for $150,000. Completely custom-made, his circular house resembles a UFO.

Since it has been constructed in Puerto Rico, it is only appropriate that Roberto Sanchez Rivera's soundtrack blaring outside of the house (yes, there is a soundtrack) alternates between the theme music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and salsa. Comprised of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the interior of Roberto Sanchez Rivera also scream sci-fi.

According to My Modern Met, the motivation behind Roberto Sanchez Rivera's house "is a 40-year-old heartbreak from Rivera's teen years that set this goal of creating a home atop a hill so magnificent that the girl who broke his heart would have no choice but to notice and return to him."