The Design of the Little Factory was Inspired by a Cartoon Symbol

 - Jan 25, 2013
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The wonderful and whimsical thing about the Little Factory is that it was conceived through two processes of visual translation. First was the rendering of the archetypal idea of an industrial plant into a pictogram, then there was its conversion back into a building by Florentijn Hofman. The dutch designer had a hand in the second phase, taking the familiar and simplified symbol of a factory from maps and infographics.

Located in Drachten, Netherlands, this project was constructed with a sturdy metal frame and sheets of corrugated steel. It's been finished in black to reinforce its iconic aesthetic and its playful form comprises a sequence of three asymmetrically pitched roofs and a pair of smoke stacks. The geometric composition of the Little Factory has produced a great open space inside, inviting a range of ideas.