The Ribbon Folly is a Delightful Fixture in the Contemporary Cityscape

 - May 28, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
The atmosphere of many outdoor spaces is much improved with the existence of a small amount of shelter. The Ribbon Folly provides this in a whimsical way that references historical architecture and celebrates timeless organic forms.

Much like the old English folly, this structure asserts itself amidst its grassy landscape as an eye-catching interruption and a fanciful refuge. Different, however is the language in which it manifests itself, not in a revived classical style, but rather in a fluid and nature-mimicking form.

Situated in an urban park and hence surrounded in buildings, this abstract style is much better suited than one of heavy stone and teetering towers. Long strands of rich pliant wood have been looped and curled into the expressive bench and canopy that is Ribbon Folly by Virginia Melnyk.