From Deluxe Cliffside Villas to Cubic Mountain Shacks

 - Mar 29, 2014
From cliffside villas to shacks perched on top of precarious mountains, these abodes are not made for the faint of heart. If individuals can get over any fears of heights, these pieces will provide amazing inspiration for potential housing designs.

The Moon Shadow villa is located in Koh Samui in Thailand, and looks out over an ocean view. Visitors can relax in the infinity pool, and take in the surroundings of this cliffside location. Even if you are afraid of heights, you can still enjoy everything by sitting further back from the edge. Other designs seem to be a bit more precarious on the edge of various rock faces, but so far none have reached a deadly demise. With the right structure and design, these cliffside villas would make for an ideal vacation spot.