Intimate Architecture by David Garcia Studio Overlooks Vineyards

A romantic getaway to Mexico’s wine region is beautifully enhanced by the experimental architecture designed by David Garcia Studio. The studio prefers "extreme environments" to build on, challenging itself and the industry staus quo when it comes to modern architectural platforms.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the David Garcia Studio is an innovative and risk-taking architectural firm that constructs extravagant designs—from hotels to rural homes—all over the world. As explained on its website, "Projects span through various scales and spheres of action, often challenging the status-quo through inventiveness and a cross-disciplinary approach." This apprach results in some stunning bulidings, like the cliffside resorts in Mexico’s wine country. The designs are meant to coexist and interact with the surrounding environment.

The modern designs of the David Garcia Studio are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they create a unique experience for visitors.