The HWKN MEtreePOLIS Aims for an Organic Utopian Urban Design Strategy

 - Dec 9, 2011
References: hwkn & ecofriend
Through the HWKN MEtreePOLIS project, an exceptional task was undertaken that seems to successfully marry together the most desirable elements of country and city living. With a seemingly impossible goal, this proposal is the result of great imaginative planning that encourages nature and civilization to meet each other halfway.

This jungle-like metropolis is made possible by eco power plants which harness renewable energy and resources to feed the activities of industry and daily life. Such buildings are some of the highest in each landscape and are both supported by and integrated with massive vine and stem-like structures, forming whimsical outdoor greenscapes for ecology and human recreation. In addition to amalgamating the earth and man-made objects, the HWKN MEtreePOLIS also strives to unite citizens in close classless communities.