Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards Sweeps 'Dust' Into Art

 - Sep 14, 2009
References: ujinlee & todayandtomorrow.net
I detect some possible ‘Lost’ fans. I mean, looking at Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards ‘Dust’ collection, it’s hard not to conjure up images of Lost’s own smoke monster. As an ongoing project and collaboration, the rational behind this photo art has yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, the sinister feeling behind them is hard to shake.

After peeping over at some of Ujin Lee’s individual work, it seems inclined to an apocalyptic theme. I was particularly drawn to the ‘Seed’ collection, which depicts a decaying motif juxtaposed with the idea of birth (hence the title ‘Seed’). Although disquieting beauty is captured in both, it’s the menacing mood in Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards ‘Dust’ collection that gets to me most.