From Million Dollar Manicures to Sparkling Skin Serum

 - Jan 29, 2014
If you're a lavish luxury collector then it's only right that everything you own be delightfully diamond-based, from kitchen counter tops right down to your couth cosmetics.

Nothing's ever too good for a luxury enthusiast and this proves very true with these diamond-based cosmetics. Marvelous makeup such as $130,000 nail polish is a color suited for the Queens of lavish living sitting a top their billion dollar throne. And don't worry if you're beginning to fear you're starting to look a little over the hill because there is even anti-aging creams riddled with crushed jewels. These diamond-based cosmetics are perfect for the girls who like to wear their jewels in a less showy manner while still showing out.

Diamonds are a gal's best friend and these highly priced cosmetics definitely say so.