The Denis Smith Ball of Light Photo Series is Brilliantly Illuminating

The Denis Smith Ball of Light photo series is nothing short of brilliant! The exceptionally talented Austrailian photographer created these extraordinary images using nothing but vision and a camera -- no Photoshop or special processing.

Smith captured these photos in a variety of locations at a variety of times -- indoors, outdoors, daylight, nighttime -- but regardless of where or when he captured them, the glowing balls of light are mesmerizing. Without the glowing orbs, the photographs stand alone as amazing landscape shots of cool locations from the Sydney harbor to the inside of an abandoned train car, but each of the balls compliments the chosen setting in a way that is almost fated.

According to If Its Hip Its Here, the light balls were created using a single long exposure and moving a light source around in the air. In Smith’s own words, "The contrast of the glowing spheres with the straight precise lines of the settings pulls in the viewer, triggering a sense of imagination and wonder. The Ball of light fits into and augments it’s settings without being overwhelming."

The vision and talent required to incept such a project is beyond words, and Denis Smith is certainly a photographer to watch for!