The Depressed Cake Shop Sells Gray Cakes for Mental Health Charities

A new bakery selling gray cakes will be opening in London in August to raise money for mental health charities. The pop-up establishment is being created by stunt coordinator Miss Cakehead and will sell gray cakes to bring attention to the epidemic of depression that is devastating one in four people and their friends and families.

This ingenious charitable bakery will be called The Depressed Cake Shop and aims to get people talking about mental health disease to ease the stigma attached to such disorders as bipolar, schizophrenia and depression. The Depressed Cake Shop is an amazing step towards a de-stigmatized view of mental health disorders. By bringing attention to this social issue using a fun and tasty baked good, Miss Cakehead has proven that mental health discussions don't need to take place in doctor's offices. She has demonstrated that something as simple as a gray-colored cake can change the face of an issue forever.