Jason Edmiston Quirkifies Hollywood Horrors for Modern Generation

If you love the classic monster movie posters of Hollywood yesteryears, you'll love these inventive re-imaginings by Jason Edmiston. Not only does Edmiston nail the iconic visual aesthetic of those painted posters, but he injects his versions of the advertising staple with his unique quirky sense of humor.

Some of the memorable monsters featured in these kooky illustrations include Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, The Mummy, Jekyll and Hyde, King Kong, the Wolfman and even Godzilla. My personal favorite illustration though has got to be Edmiston's collage of Hollywood monsters re-imagined into cereal box mascots. Never has Count Chocula been more sinister and Frankenstein's monster seems so harmless.

Jason Edmiston also does very impressive Star Wars illustrations and zany caricatures of hard rock heroes.