The Dare alla Luce Series by Amy Friend Shines With Tiny Lights

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: amyfriend & mymodernmet
Vintage photography and photography inspired by the vintage, has become so prevalent in today's society thanks to such accessible iPhone apps as Instagram that it was only a matter of time before photo series such as Dare alla Luce started to pop up. It revolves around old school captures that have been illuminatingly tweaked.

Created by Canadian photographer Amy Friend, the Dare alla Luce photo series grew out of her desire to treat photographs as objects. She does this by altering the images with tiny holes of light. This adds an ethereal quality that will spark imaginations. Friend believes that "it is the unknown that shines through the photographs. It is the unknown that releases the photographs and allows them to become something new." The unanswered stories behind photographs give the images their mysterious quality.