Crazy Looks in Celebration of the New Beyonce Hair Makeover

 - Aug 9, 2013
In lieu of the recent Beyonce hair makeover, it was important to show that there are many options for a hairstyle that will shock people.

In fashion, there are always many different ways designer and hair dressers are changing the look of locks. Classic options such as retro-inspired or long and straight are always available. Or, if you are feeling like a daredevil, you can always add colors and patterns into your hair. Just remember that Queen B cut all her hair off, and if she changes her mind she can cover it up with a wig or extensions. If you make a "hair don't," don't panic, there are many strange add-ons for hair as well. If an interesting style is what you are looking for, take your pick from this list of eccentric styles and you can shock your friends.