This Great Gatsby-Inspired Collection by Tiffany & Co. is Opulent

 - May 19, 2013
References: tiffany
Tiffany & Co. crafted this Great Gatsby-inspired collection of elegant accessories and glamorous jewels. Each piece is oozing with fanciful opulence. 

For this Great Gatsby-inspired collection Tiffany & Co. passes off strands dripping with diamonds as casual necklaces and intricate cuffs of precious pearls as basic bracelets. There is also heavy use of yellow diamonds and vibrant tanzanite minerals, which add color to the sparkling collection.

When I look at these stunning pieces, I get a sense feelings of glamour and elegance, which is fitting because the collection was created to evoke feelings of timeless romance.

This Great Gatsby jewelry is so detailed and over-the-top, it looks like the most beautiful costume jewelry ever created. My Favorite piece is the opera-length necklace of freshwater pearls in pink and purple hues and, of course, the Savoy headpiece.