- Jan 31, 2014
The idea of personal adornment can be seen all throughout history, and jewelry trends continue to evolve to suit the times. The year 2013 showed tons of updates to old jewelry classics, such as the diamond engagement ring or solitary jewel necklace; modern versions saw things such as knotted engagement rings as a play on words, and jewel necklaces made of rocks collected from outer space.

Some completely new ideas in the realm of jewelry were observed as well, namely with the outrageously opulent nail decor. Symbolizing a new take on decadent fashion, these nail decals boasted solid gold and customized designs. This eccentric tone echoed through the general jewelry trends of 2013. Imaginations were unleashed with bracelets made of dentures and sacrilegious thorn crowns.

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From Poetry Tribute Jewelry to Outrageously Opulent Nails: