'Once Upon a Greek Goddess' is a Set of Rings for Female Deities

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: suckerpunchdaily
The concept of coordination in fashion is taken to a higher level with the 'Once Upon a Greek Goddess' jewelry collection. The set of rings comprises six unique pieces that have been designed to fit together on different fingers.

Luxurious golden material was sculpted to form intriguingly abstract forms. The pieces complement each other when placed adjacent, extending into more complex shapes rather than uniting like puzzle pieces.

Farah Nasri's inspiration for this elegant accessories was the Symposium by Plato. 'Once Upon a Greek Goddess' artistically explores the myth of the separation of eight-limbed and two-headed humans into pairs of people. The union of the rings is based on the notion that the detached halves might one day find each other and become whole again.