- Sep 4, 2014
Whether it's thanks to brands like Victoria's Secret or classic mythology, goddess fashion is a popular aesthetic many designers are choosing to revisit in their collections. The idea of dressing for a woman who is so unbelievably beautiful she is otherworldly allows consumers to envision themselves in this idealized sense of elegance.

There is nothing more beautiful than the breathtaking and idealized image of a mythical goddess with flawless features, perfect skin, tanned features and supermodel height. Many fashion editorials attempt to capture what a goddess would look like through garments that reference ancient civilizations as well as a mythical folklore. Designers attempt to create an idealized state of beauty that can be captured through Grecian-inspired clothing. Staples of this genre include embellished headdresses, angelic costumes designs, glittery makeup and minimalistic white frocks.

From Angel-Winged Ads to Beach Goddess Editorials: