The 'Ikaria' Ancient Greek Sandals Will Take You Away

These Midas-inspired 'Ikaria' Ancient Greek Sandals are perfect for the summer season or gladiator fighting -- whichever you might be inclined to. The winged sides are inspired by classical Greek mythology and pay homage to Icarus, the messenger of the Gods; however their golden color makes them more akin to the legend of Midas.

The 'Ikaria' Ancient Greek sandals are available in a range of browns and gold. The more neutral colors are perfect for someone who loves the look and wants to add a Greek touch to their style without the flashiness of the gold. The soft gold, however, truly gives the magical Greek touch of Midas.

Available in a variety of Greek-inspired styles and colors, this awesome brand has something for everyone. Made in a soft leather and with a flat-bottomed heel, the shoes offer the comfort of sandals with the style of a Greek Goddess.