Lucie Vincini's Models Wear Painful Facial Jewelry on the Catwalk

Men sported painful facial jewelry at Lucie Vincini's menswear collection for the Royal College of Art's graduate fashion show. Vincini takes traditional Jewish garments like headwear and prayer scarves and mixes them with oversized puffer jackets and denims for a tough, urban aesthetic.

This edgy designer was not afraid to make a name for herself, boldly branding one sporty t-shirt with her own last name. Though, the designer's collection will be remembered by the uncomfortable-looking gold mouthpieces that held the models' mouths open and bared their teeth. The unusual accessory is slightly reminiscent of nose rings seen on bulls, making the models look even more feral. The unexpected element completes Vincini's collection and makes it unforgettable.

Photo Credit: The Wow Report