These Skeletal Wedding Rings are Refreshingly Unconventional

 - Aug 25, 2013
References: etsy
Not all wedding rings have to be traditional and these skeletal wedding rings show that you can add a touch of edgy flair into wedding style. The double skull wedding ring by Etsy shop owner 'adamfosterjewelry' features two joined skulls holding a lovely diamond stone.

Etsy shop owner 'adamfosterjewelry' offers a creative alternative to old-school wedding bands. This skeletal wedding 14-K ring is designed around two elegant silver skulls that sit back to back to each other. Together, the silver skulls hold up an elegant silver crown with an elegant pear diamond. Buyers can choose to have the ring made in either white, rose or traditional gold depending on their future wife to-be's preferences.

If your loved one likes skulls and unconventional pieces of jewelry, these skeletal wedding rings could be the perfect find for you.