FEEAS 'Made to Dislike' is a Collection of Creepy Vintage Accessories

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: feeas.es & recyclart.org
Very eerie and distracting, the 'Made to Dislike' collection by FEEAS uses upcycled vintage accessories to create morbid body adornments.

Using materials such as decapitated doll heads, false eyelashes as well as prosthetic eyes and dental pieces, the collection is super freaky, verging on frightening. Only those who are daring enough to even touch these accessories can wear the eyeball rings, teeth brooches and eyeglass frames.

Try some of these pieces for a look that has a horror movie vibe with a leaning towards the grotesque and risque. People who only want to wear one-of-a-kind accessories can be rest assured that no one else will have the same exact creepy vintage accessories in their collection.