- Mar 11, 2014
Whether these novelty candle holders are ultra modern or teeter on the side of kitschy, they are packed full of personality. Quite a few of the designs are ready to use, while some of the DIY candle holder projects require a few steps before you have a safe place to put a candle. As with the variety of candles on the market, there are also a ton of differently sized candle holders that will easily hold onto everything from tiny tea lights to candlesticks, both chunky and slender. Playful candle holders that take the shape of watering cans, cameras, moustaches and dinosaurs can be found in all shapes and sizes too.

One of the most interesting designs is one by Benjamin Shine, which catches the wax as the candle melts and allows the wax to harden again, so that it becomes infinitely reusable as another candle.

From Candle Holder Flashlights to Beeswax Teacups: