The Recycled Baby Food Jar DIY Halloween Candle Holder is Adorable

 - Oct 22, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
For this spooky festive season, get crafty with this DIY Halloween Candle Holder made from baby food jars. This great recycled decor idea comes from Etsy seller Hbuechel, who also has the item available for purchase online for the craft-impaired.

Begin by taking small baby food jars and removing the label attached to the glass. Create a bowl of glue with a touch of water to liquify the glue down to attach the orange paper. Take orange colored birthday streamers and paint the jar with the runny glue and attach the streamers to the jar. Once it dries, add another coat of glue for good measure. Attach googly eyes to the jar for an added punch. The tea light goes inside the jar and illuminates the inside creating an orange glow to the room.