Cooltower Candles Represent the Destruction Process of Power Plants

 - May 21, 2013
References: & coolthings
Coming in little canisters with nuclear warning labels plastered all over them, the Cooltower Candles are a cute way to reenact a miniature nuclear meltdown.

Created by Maykel Roovers, a man with a dangerous nuclear fascination, the candles are shaped like little power plants with wide bases and smoke stacks with burning wicks. Light one and within 18 hours, you will have a full meltdown on your hands as the candle collapses and demolishes itself over time. Anyone who likes decor elements that are surprisingly different -- and potentially dangerous -- will like this collection of hazardous-looking candles.

The quirky Cooltower Candles come in seven different color choices such as black, green, blue and pink and are made out of paraffin wax.