Taijitu by Barnabe Ribay is Inspired by the Harmony of Opposites

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: fr.bribay-design & yankodesign
Taijitu by Barnabe Ribay, an industrial designer based in La Voulte sur Rhône, France, is a pair of candelabras that provide a visual lesson on the beauty of duality. Inspired by the harmony that exists between two opposites as strongly suggested by the existence of yin and yang, the aesthetic of each candle holder may be the polar opposite of one another, yet they also reflect each other in regards to shape and silhouette.

What sets the two candelabras apart are the materials they are made out of. While one is made out of cold, industrial metal, the other boasts warm, natural wood. Overall, Taijitu by Barnabe Ribay is perfect for modern homes and offices.