Spilli, Cleo and Siluet Candleholders Encourage Suppertime Silliness

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: pearsonlloyd
If you're not allowed to play with your food, do you think the head of the house would permit you to toy with these Spilli, Cleo and Siluet candleholders? Likely not, but it's worth a try. PearsonLloyd created these decorative objects for Gaia & Gino with the intention of bringing lightheartedness to domestic luxuries.

The collection of candelabras was inspired by the ancient Spillikans game that involved the creative arrangement of metal bars. Here, we have a set of three taper holders that come in silver and gold metals and a range of colorful plastic blocks. While you're sitting at the dining table, it would hard not to play around with the various pieces. The Spilli, Cleo and Siluet candle holders put forth the added challenge of not burning yourself while you reorganize the elements.