The Sunday Wall Light Provides a Small Storage Surface and a Soft Glow

 - Oct 24, 2012
It's only natural to have a weakness for dual-purpose domestic objects, even and especially the ones that take basic forms like the Sunday Wall Light. This compact home accessory offers a lovely little ledge for the storage of a variety of items, as well as a convertible fixture to provide soft illumination.

A single sheet of powder-coated stainless steel constructs the shelf and the mount backing, made possible by a 90-degree fold in the material. The piece can be effectively attached to the wall in one of two orientations. Connected to this is a simple tubular holder in which a lightbulb can be screwed. The design of Martina Carpelan and Frost Produkt's Sunday Wall Light also allows the fixture to act as a candle holder if a more ambient glow is preferred.